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Disc Duplicators & CD printers allow you to automate the process of reproducing discs - CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.Hot.com.au > Disc Duplicators

Copy & Print Duplicator

Instead of copying discs one at a time and then printing and sticking labels, a Copy and Print Duplicator automates the entire burning and printing process with CDs or DVDs.

Copy Duplicator

Automate your disc duplication with a Copy Duplicator which can replicate CDs or DVDs. If you get someone else to do your printing for you, this could be the perfect solution.

DVD CD Printers

CD/DVD Printers, or Print Duplicators, print to CD or DVD media and/or disc inserts. Perfect for when you’ve got a batch of burnt discs needing labels.

Duplicator Accessories

Cartridges and printable optical media (CD, DVD and Blu-Ray) for your disc duplicator.

Duplicator Questions & Answers

Duplicator Questions & Answers

  • When should I consider a CD, DVD or disc duplicator?
    If you're producing music, animation, videos, PowerPoint presentations, or any other files for distribution, duplicators present a simpler way to generate your discs and you want to make copies including the data you need a CD-DVD duplicator. Typical CD/DVD duplicator users include marketing, public relations, engineering and training departments, churches, film and video producers, photography studios, music groups, schools, government departments and any organisation that has a need for low volume in-house production of CDs and DVDs whatever your price range we'll have a duplicator that fits the bill.
    If you only need to print CDs, you might not need a print and copy duplicator - have a look at a well priced CD printer (also known as a print duplicator).
  • What's the difference between duplication and replication?
    Duplication is where a disc is recorded using a disc writer (such as a CD-R produced by a CD writer), where as replication is a process where a disc is created by pressing a blank disc, then coating the top side with a metallic reflecting material. Duplicators use duplication techniques on recordable optical media.
  • Can disc duplicators do Blu-Ray?
    Yes, we've started to stock Blu-Ray duplicators that can automate your production of Blu-Ray titles. Please look at the specifications to ensure that it lists Blu-Ray functionality if this is what you're after. Blu-Ray duplicators will also print and duplicate standard CDs and DVDs.
  • What are other things I should be wary of before purchase?
    Does the printer have a separate Black cartridge?
    If not, then black is made by mixing all the colours and it's never as solid as black from a dedicated black cartridge.
    What is the cost per print?
    This can be worked out by the cartridge cost / number of average prints per cartridge.
    Is the Software easy to use?
    Is it easy for you to design print layouts with, or do you have to be a Photoshop expert?



Like help deciding?
Please feel free to contact us online or call us on FRECALL 1800 00 88 99 if you'd like more information about disc duplicators or deciding which one would be best for your individual situation. You can also contact our sister company, DVD Copy for specialist copying advice.
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