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  • Why do I see several prices for the same item?
You may see several prices for the same item. This is because is a technology shopping comparison engine - which means we list items from various wholesalers, other companies and our own warehouse. When you see this symbol HOT'S Warehouse the stock is in our warehouse.

Whichever supplier you choose we take responsibility for your purchase so there is no chance of our stock listings directing you to a web shop with old data that could let you down. |Learn why they can|

Simply choose from an electronics supplier that's the best fit for you - is the item on back order? Would you prefer to pay a little more to receive it quicker? You get to decide!

No matter which warehouse you choose, you'll still only dealing with and we're owned by Australian Interactive Multimedia. Established as a registered business in 1984

Important! Multiple Warehouses

• We use several distributors and our own warehouse for popular items.
-- If the stock is with a distributor we tell you so, rather than pretend we have it. • There are self explanatory icons that say stock is being sourced from (XYZ) plus icons showing their and our stock levels.

• You can add items to your own hot-list (favorites) via ticking hot-list in product listings.

• You may see the same item from several suppliers at different costs.
-- You can make a decision for example to pay less for a longer delivery time.
-- By mixing your order from different warehouses you may increase the delivery charge by around $5.99 per extra warehouse (depending on weight "class" cost and postcode).
-- Items may arrive on different days.

To minimise the cost of delivery try to get as many items from the same warehouse as you can.

Warehouse Symbols

hots warehouse

hot's warehouse

Warehouse & stock symbols help you decide on price vs. delivery time.

Note: Mouse over the warehouse symbols for last update time.

Important! We tell you up front if we have stock or if it's coming from another supplier.

Stock levels

Low but OK OK High and OK

• "Mouse over" (move mouse pointer over and hold till box appears.) stock quantity & warehouse symbols for more information such as stock level, update time etc. To help us keep prices low please don't email us asking about stock when it's listed, if there is an error we will contact you. From the update time & date you can get an idea of how likely it is there will be a problem. If we bill your card then the stock turns out to be wrong (and your order is delayed) we'll refund you plus $50! *See sale conditions.

for more info

  • What happens if there is no stock but I still order?

Back Orders

• If a product is out of stock but expected to be available soon you can back order it assuming that it will arrive to you within 14 days regardless of any availability date as this is often wrong.

-- Please allow 7-10 days for normal delivery (Plus card/DD/cheque processing time) before contacting us by e-mail. Country areas may take longer but you can see via tracking (Your Account) the location of your order.

-- For back-orders we will contact you if total time between order & supply is over 14 days.
-- More on this under delivery below.

  • If Hot has the stock it's 99.9% sure your delivery will be on time. If a distributor has it we'll let you know if there are any problems. Distributor warehouse data can be incorrect as there is no such thing as 100% correct stock data. Why? When an order is placed stock is picked and deducted by from the stock count, this can take from around 30min to days. Much distributor stock is listed on a multitude of web shops so sold by one = sold by all. (Also why you see get back-orders, more were sold than available.)

    Some web shops pretend they have stock when the don't, with wording like "in-stock" which most take to mean "their" stock but often it's really at a distributor. |more|

    • Do you supply outside Australia and how do I order?

    Order Processing

    • We only sell and ship products to customers within Australia. • Orders placed on the weekend or on a Public holiday will not be processed until the next business day. Important! Sale conditions Please see sale conditions for more detailed information and conditions.

    -- By placing an order you agree to our sale conditions & terms, link above.

    • How long does it take for delivery & can I track the delivery?



    • When will my order ship?
    -- "Express" is normally within 1-2 working days from cleared funds ("Standard" delivery takes approxmiatley 1-2 days more).
    -- Delivery date depends on your location, see more information below.
    • How much is my shipping?
    -- See quotation on shopping cart.
    • Can I track my delivery?
    -- Your account is updated with tracking details for each order ASAP Orders.
    -- Sometimes items from other warehouses may arrive before you get tracking details. • If an item is missing from your shipment what should you do?
    -- You must contact us the day your order arrived but please note:-
    Orders from several warehouses may arrive on different days.
    -- For reasons above it's sometimes better to have the delivery made to your work address.
    --Sometimes we wait for all goods to arrive to our warehouse before shipping (to keep delivery costs lower) so please let us know (in comments section) if you don't want us to do this. We may then contact you with updated delivery quote.
    -- If you receive just one item sign for just one item.
    -- If you are not home when the courier calls or you've made an error on your address there may be a re-delivery fee or you may need to attend the local courier depot or post office.

    Order Status • Has my order been shipped?
    -- Click here to see. • How do I track my order?
    -- As above.
    • When will my back order arrive?
    -- Look-up orders to see status.
    -- After 10 days if your order is missing please contact us. • How do I cancel my order/item?
    -- See Returns

    My Account

    • How do I create an account?
    -- See link on home page. • How do I edit my account information?
    -- Click here • I forgot my password.
    -- See link on home page near account.
    -- Note you can have several addresses that you can recall. i.e. Work and Home.

    Important!More information under sale conditions

    • Note our shopping cart allows you to save several addresses, it also allows you to re-order but be aware prices may have changed (Check total).
    -- You must enter the correct delivery address details at the time of purchase.
    -- If you enter the wrong address, we will not be liable for the loss of your order, we will only resend the product to the correct address at your expense.
    • If a product is not in stock we will inform you of the expected delivery time within 5 days.
    • While we can't guarantee the delivery dates most deliveries are on-time.

    Delivery time frames and FAQ

    • Sydney or Melbourne – Express, within two business days
    • Regional NSW, regional Victoria, Adelaide, regional SA or Brisbane – Express within 5 business days.
    • Perth and Tasmania – Express within 7 business days.
    • Regional Queensland, regional WA or Northern Territory – Express within 14 business days.

    -- We can't guarantee a delivery within the above time frames, we do our best. -- If the delivery time changes, we will contact you via email or telephone or e-mail with the details.
    -- We may contact you with an updated delivery quotation before we process your order.
    -- If your order is urgent it's best to let us know in the comments section, we may offer an alternative delivery method.

    Can we post it? • No. Don't ask! We don't use Australia Post because we need a secure traceable delivery system, normal post is too risky.

    • Standard delivery adds on average 1-2 days to above quoted times.

    • What payments do you accept? Are the goods insured?

    Pricing and Billing

    • What are my payment choices?
    -- Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express - surcharge applies)
    -- PayPal (surcharge applies)
    -- BPay from your financial institution (no surcharge)
    -- By Direct Deposit (no surcharge) see our Direct Deposit information and follow the steps within our checkout process.
    • When will my credit card be charged?
    -- As soon as we confirm all details, including the stock. Via Pay Pal you will be charged at time of order, should there be a problem with supply we will offer to refund you, a credit, alternative or back order. It's your choice. We also offer a performance guarantee of $50 (see about) • When will my credit appear on my account?
    -- Normally on the next statement.
    • I have a question on my charges. Contact us not the bank.
    -- Please remember your card may say " - AIM Digital"
    • Do I have to pay sales tax?
    -- Yes 10% now called GST, no exceptions.
    • Why am I charged an insurance fee?
    -- It's only small but it protects you. Otherwise should the item be lost or damaged in transit you may be wishing you had it!
    • Does do Price Matches?
    -- Yes for genuine in-stock prices. Contact us to see if we can do better, we try to keep on top of prices and your help is welcome.

    • How do I find a product? How do I return one?
    Buyer's Guide & Searching for a product

    • Search tips

    -- Try the search function with variations if you get no result.


    • How do I return my product?
    -- Please see Returns first. • I received the wrong product.
    -- Contact us • What is the Support and Returns Policy?
    -- See Terms and Conditions • Summary is we don't offer product support.
    -- It's up to you to be sure the product will do what you expect and consult with the manufacturer (normally their web page) should you have any issues.
    -- If an item is faulty from new (within 14 days) we will arrange to have it replaced once you've gone through the proper channels.

    • Are my personal details safe, will you protect my privacy?

    Privacy Policy, Security Policy

    They are as safe as we can make them, we've gone to great lengths to ensure it. Have a look at our certificates here.

    Note we don't keep your card data on our servers and we don't give out your personal information to anyone.

    See full privacy details under the heading on this page

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    Contact page

    -- If your question is regarding a product, we'll supply the correct phone number for that department or happily call you ASAP if you provide a contact number (which we never give out, see Privacy.)

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