Multifunction Printers

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Years ago we sold ink jet printers with "Continuous Inking Systems" and they cut the cost way down per page but they were also messy and problematic. You had to know what you were doing to get the best from them. Epson have solved this problem with their new "Ecotank" (TM) range of printers. You get the lowest possible running cost with Epson's fantastic service and warranty. This is indeed an idea who's time has come.

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"All in One" or multifunction printers (MFPs) allow you to print, scan and copy from the one device. Ideal for office usage, or where space is tight, you no longer need a plethora of electronic devices to get things done. Many multifunctions can also fax or email from the machine, some models allow you to save directly to a USB flash drive, and others let you print pictures from your digital camera's memory card.

Multifunction printers come in either inkjet or laser variations. We recommend laser multifunction printers for 'high use' or 'critical' situations as they have lower ongoing costs and generally offer better support arrangements. If you're just printing the odd document, an inkjet "All in One" will probably work out cheaper for you.

Laser Multifunction Printers

What's the difference between a MFP and an AIO?
Nothing, it's just a different name. There are no rules about what makes a multifunction printer an All in One, or vice-versa, so printer manufacturers are free to call them whatever they like. These print, scan and copy devices are also called Multi-Function Centres (MFCs), Multi-Function Devices (MFDs), MFC printers, Printer/Copiers and many other variations!

Inkjet All-in-one Printers

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Printer Tips

Printer Tips

  • Remember that the cheapest colour printer to buy will almost never be the cheapest to run!
  • Buy a 2nd set of consumables now! Printers use/waste a lot of ink/toner the first time you turn them on, this is called a prime. You will save on couriers/petrol, often get a lower bundle price plus you won't be pulling your hair out in the middle of a print job trying to find a shop with the correct cartridges that won't rip you off!
  • Find out how many printed pages you’re expected to get out of a cartridge and work out how much a black and white and colour page costs.
  • What's the printer's "First Page Time Out" speed? This is a good check to see how much memory the printer has, and how much warming up time it will require before it starts printing.
  • How many people will need access to the printer? This is an important consideration in choosing between buying a desktop model or a larger enterprise printer with network capabilities.
  • Extended Warranties (Genuine only) can be a good idea if you always need a working printer - on-site warranties are generally better than "back to base" warranties for important printing, as they'll come and service your machine wherever it's located. A print head can cost $2000! Silly we know but it's too late to complain once your printer is out of warranty.