Epson Lamp for EH TW3000 TW3500 TW3600 TW4000 TW4500 TW5000 TW5500

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Genuine projector bulb and housing (V13H010L49)

Epson Lamp for EH TW3000 TW4000 TW5000

  • V13H010L49
  • EMP301

    V13H010L49 V13H010L49

    Energy – efficient E–TORL lamp

    The innovative E–TORL lamp, exclusively from Epson, is a reliable performer that delivers more lumens per watt and lasts up to 4000 hours.** Switch the projector to High Brightness Mode and the E–TORL lamp still produces up to 4000 hours of light performance.

    The special E–TORL design minimizes both light diffraction and light leakage, providing you the ultimate in lamp longevity – up to 50 percent more lamp life than with competitive products.

    Lamp - Epson is the registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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    Projector Lamp

    Most lamps have a lifespan of around 2,000 hours, but from the time you start using the projector the brightness will slowly decrease. You may not notice at first, but eventually it will dim to such a level you'll require a new lamp. Lamps can also blow up, an abrupt and sometimes shocking end, which can mean having no projector while you await a replacement lamp.

    To ensure a long working life for your projector lamp, follow the listed powering down procedures (never just unplug the projector to turn it off), install a surge protector, clean the filters and never move the projector while it's running.

    Replacement projector lamp or new projector?

    Sometimes it makes more sense to buy a new projector rather than an expensive lamp. You would not be the first person to replace the lamp, only to find out that was not the problem or have something else like the power supply fail shortly after, then you're throwing good money after bad!

    Have a look at our latest projectors for a great deal.

    Power surges kill lamps - make sure you've got surge protection for your projector!



    Epson is a name that has become synonymous with quality, technological innovation, reliability, excellence and success. They make great scanners like the V800 and Top line projectors like the TW8200. Since opening for business in November 1983, Epson Australia has emerged as a leading supplier of quality imaging products to the colour printing, imaging and photography markets. Underpinning that leadership position is a focus on providing technically innovative products backed by highly regarded, professional pre and post sales support and service. For more information or support, please visit the Epson website or call Epson on (02) 8899 3666.

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    3000 3500 3600 4000 45 4500 49 5000 5500 EH ELPLP ELPLP49 EPSON FOR LAMP TW TW3000 TW3500 TW3600 TW4000 TW45 TW4500 TW5000 TW5500 EPSOM BULB BULBS LAMPS

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