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Panasonic PT AR100E 2800 ANSI 2D FHD Home Theatre with Lens Shift

Price, stock and specifications are also available on Panasonic PT-AR100E Projector page.
Panasonic PT-AR100E Projector brochurePanasonic PT-AR100E Projector brochurePanasonic PT-AR100E Projector brochurePanasonic PT-AR100E Projector brochure Information about quick view brochures
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Australian stock with full Aussie warranty.
Item can be Back Ordered, if you order please allow 21 days before enquiring. Should the delay be longer we will contact you for instructions.
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More brightness, more excitement - Panasonic 2800 lm, Full HD Projector

Panasonic PTAR100E ( PT AR100E ) Full HD Home Theatre Projector

Full HD, Large Screen Entertainment. 2x Optical Zoom Lens with Wide Lens Shift Range. 2,800 lm of brightness from a 280W Red Rich projector lamp. Dynamic Iris Pro delivers a high 50,000:1 Contrast Ratio for superb picture quality from movies sports to video games.

 “The PT-AR100E lets friends and family enjoy Full-HD large screen entertainment from movies, sports to video games. Whether this projector is used for a house party filled with friends or for family movie night, the PT-AR100E will provide everybody with vivid, clear and stunning video content.  The bottom line is this: if you want a projector that performs in the living room, whether that be for games, or sports, or just television, the PT-AR100 is about as good as it gets.” excerpts from the Conclusion of Projector Central :  (November 1, 2011)

Specifications :

  • LCD Panel Size : 18.7 mm ( 0.74 in ) diagonal ( 16:9 aspect ratio )
  • Display method : Transparent LCD panel ( × 3, R/G/B )
  • Drive method : Active matrix
  • Pixels : 2,073,600 ( 1,920 × 1,080 ) × 3, total of 6,220,800 pixels
  • Lamp : 280 W UHM lamp
  • Lens : Manual zoom ( 1.33–2.69:1 ) , manual focus lenses F 2.0–3.4, f 21.5–43.0 mm
  • Projection size ( diagonal ) : 1.02–7.62 m ( 40–300 inches )
  • Colours : Full colour ( 1,073,741,824 colours )
  • Brightness : 2,800 lumens
  • Center to corner uniformity ratio : 85%
  • Contrast ratio : 50,000:1 ( full on/full off )
  • Resolution : 1,920 × 1,080 pixels
  • Optical axis shift : Vertical: ±65%, horizontal: ±26%
  • Keystone correction range : Vertical: approx. ±30°
  • Installation : Ceiling/desk front/rear ( menu selection )
  • Terminals :
  • HDMI IN : HDMI connector × 2, HDMI ( Deep Colour x.v.Color CEC ) HDCP compliant supports HDAVI Control Ver 5
  • Computer ( RGB ) In : Dsub ( D sub ) HD 15-pin ( female ) × 1 ( RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR × 1 )
  • Component In : RCA pin × 3 ( YPBPR/YCBCR )
  • Trigger In/Out : M3 × 2, 12 V max. 100 mA ( input/output selectable using onscreen menu )
  • Video In : RCA pin × 1
  • SVideo ( S Video ) In : Mini DIN 4-pin × 1
  • Serial In : Dsub ( D sub ) 9-pin × 1 for external control ( RS232C ( RS 232C ) compliant )
  • Dimensions ( W × H × D ) : 470 mm × 151 mm × 380 mm
  • Weight : Approx. 8.6 kgs

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Panasonic PT-AR100E Projector Review

2800 Lumen Brightness
The PT-AR100/AH1000 projector produces bright, sharp images by employing a new, high-power 280-W Red-Rich Lamp and optical unit that combine to generate 2,800 lm of brightness for comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions.

Light Harminozer 3 Produces Quality Pictures in Various Lightings
Together with 2,800 lm of brightness, Panasonic’s Light Harmonizer 3 technology assists the versatile use of the projector by automatically adjusting the picture quality of the image to match the living room or theater room conditions. This is made possible by utilizing built-in ambient light and colour sensors that adjust the white balance, gamma curve, and sharpness settings to maintain bright, crisp pictures that match the viewing environment.

Picture Modes for Different Occasions
The PT-AR100/AH1000 features seven picture modes for various viewing situations, including modes that are ideal for sports, games and movies: Normal, Dynamic, Game, Sports, Rec. 709, Cinema 1 and Vivid Cinema.

Dynamic Iris Pro Delivers High 50,000:1 Contrast Rario for Deep Blacks
This intelligent iris system works by analyzing the brightness level of each image using a histogram, then adjusting the lamp power, iris and gamma curve (parameters for adjusting the output brightness gradation level according to the input signal) accordingly to create the ideal image. The adjustments are made virtually frame by frame. This achieves an astounding contrast ratio of 50,000:1, providing a wide dynamic range with swift smoothness for added beauty in both dark and bright scenes.

Pure Colour Filter Pro for Rich, Vibrant Colours
The optical filter optimizes the light spectrum from the UHM projector lamp, helping to produce deeper blacks while improving purity levels in the three primary colours (red, green and blue). This advanced filter system improves colour purity to cover a range that extends from the HDTV standard (Rec. 709 mode) to the colour gamut used in digital cinema (SMPTE DC28). This gives images the deep, rich colouring that distinguishes movie images.

Home Cinema Projector

Get an immersive cinema experience in the comfort of your own home with our latest home theatre projectors. Contrast ratio is more important than brightness in most home cinema environments as the room should already be relatively dark. Contrast ratio is what makes the black scenes look black, and not a 'washed out' grey. As no projector can project black, you need to be able to control the lighting (through darker rooms and high contrast ratios) to get best results. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like any assistance.



Panasonic Australia is part of the Matsushita Group, which traces its origins back to 1918, when Japanese industrialist Konosuke Matsushita, aged 23, started a small business manufacturing home electrical products in Osaka, Japan. Today, the Matsushita Group is a global network of over 300 companies with 250,000 employees - manufacturing and marketing over 15,000 products under the brands Panasonic, National, Technics, Quasar and Ramsa. Recently, Matsushita was ranked 26 in US Fortune magazine's annual list of the world's top 500 companies, the "Global 500".

In Australia, Panasonic is a market leader in the field of consumer electronics, office and communications equipment - retailing the premium projectors, computers, cameras and more at local price points since 1989. You can contact Panasonic Australia on 132 600 or visit their website Panasonic.com.au.

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