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Fixed (like a painting), pull down (like a manual blind) or tripod (for portable use) projector screens for displaying a projected image. Screens are generally available in widescreen (typically, 16:9 ratio) or standard 4:3 aspect ratios.

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Projector Screens

Buy Epson Portable 80 Projector Screen Epson Portable 80 $84.00 Buy Present It 96 Projector Screen Present It 96 $254.83
Buy Longhorn Lumiere 110 Projector Screen Longhorn Lumiere 110 $599.00 Buy Longhorn Lumiere 100 Projector Screen Longhorn Lumiere 100 $599.00
Buy Showtime Deluxe 100" Projector Screen Showtime Deluxe 100" $569.00 Buy DNP Supernova 92 Projector Screen DNP Supernova 92 $999.00


DNP Daylight Projection Screens

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