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Longhorn 4000 Pro
Full LCD Learning Remote Control

4,000 points


HP Bluetooth Speaker 400
Red or Black
3,000 points

Longhorn 4000 Pro FULL LCD Learning remote control

  Top of the range.

Longhorn 4000 Pro is a top of the line remote control that can learn all your IR (Infra Red) remotes.

The 4000 Pro can even store macros whereby the remote can turn on/off several devices one after the other from a single button.


 HP Speaker 400

Switch between audio and phone and take hands-free calls over Bluetooth®.

Battery life that lasts

The rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime. (If we run out of the colour you choose we will send the other one).. 

Kensington iPad cases
to suit iPad Air/iPad 5/iPad Mini

900 points


New! Photo Paper Lucky Dip
(including Epson, Ilford, Innova, Canon, TDK and more)

500 points

Kensington iPad cases

High quality Kensington cases in various colours and styles.
Let us know which model iPad you have in the comments section of your order or from our contact page.


Limited stocks, not every colour available for every model iPad. Colour and style picked at random and subject to availability.


Have it sent with your printer purchase
else courier & handling fees may apply.
Photo Paper



Shintaro Viro Speaker
3,500 points



Incredible power for such a small speaker!
Use Bluetooth or standard headphone jack to connect the Shintaro Vibro Speaker to your PC, mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Rechargeable battery powered by USB. RRP $99.


USB Charger on the run for iPhone
1,390 points



Worldwide USB Charger with night light
1,390 points

IPhone Re-Charge

flipCHARGE burst gives you instant power for your iPod or iPhone.

This backup battery is capable of recharging the battery life of your iPod up to 70% or iPhone up to 30%. A flush folding USB cable and dock connector has been integrated to recharge the flipCHARGE burst.


USB Charger

Inbuilt frosted LED night light

Direct plug for iPod nano 1-4th gen and iPhone up to 3GS (Later models and all other devices use your own USB cable). Frosted LED USB Charger & nightlight is ideal for unfamiliar hotel rooms.

Includes interchangeable wall prongs for: Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, North America and Japan

Reward Program Conditions:

Reward items and points required to redeem them may change. Reward points gained via purchases expire after 12 months. We reserve the right to supply a similar product or cash for points as per card offers. Points can't be converted to cash or transferred. This scheme may be withdrawn at any time and should not be a factor in your purchased decision. Rewards are redeemed in 100 points lots.

Rewards points (via purchases) are awarded @ 1 point per $1 in $100 increments, i.e. to gain 100 points (the first level) spend $100 or more, for 200 points spend $200 or more etc.

Delivery is payable |Details| on reward items unless they are sent with this (in the case of lucky dip paper) or your next order and not outside metropolitan areas (Excludes NT, and most country areas which are always payable). Reward items may have no warranty. The vendor may or may not offer a product warranty.

We are not charging you for the rewards so you agree not to redeem rewards unless you agree to this condition. Warranty is not offered or guaranteed by Gift or store cards can be paid as cash directly into your bank at our discretion, in this case no delivery is chargeable. You can elect to pay the delivery charge over the phone and arrange an alternative delivery address for rewards.

Maximum points per purchase 3,500. Points are per user and can't be combined between accounts.

Conditions are subject to change without notice & also subject to our sale conditions. "Free" points (which may expire sooner than 12 months) alone can't be used to redeem a reward, they must be used in conjunction with points per dollar. *Free points won't count if abused, they can only make up 33% of points used to redeem a reward.

Claim rewards by sending us an e-mail , we will call you back with shipping confirmation.

Be sure to list a contact number. We delete accounts that just log on and off trying to build up rewards and not actually purchase anything.




Buy a car, get a kettle?

When we first did the math we thought "no that can't be right" so we rang the call centre. It was correct! To redeem the Kettle pictured on right (nice as it is) you'd have to spend $41,750.00 at Coles!

To redeem a $50 Store card you'd have to spend around $15,000.00 at Coles, even with bonus points you're spending big to get what seems to be a fairly small reward.

Based on 2 points per $5 spend. You may agree our rewards are easier to obtain, especially if you can get your company to use

If we don't have a product that you buy all the time just let us know and we'll do our best to stock it for you.




Buy a car get a Kettle?


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