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Flatbed (or Desktop) scanners for home or office use. A flatbed scanner allows you to place the document on a glass window for scanning. Flatbed scanners are multipurpose machines that can be used to scan photos and images, documents, some can also scan slides and negatives. They can suit a variety of applications including design, photo restoration, X-ray (Teleradiology, CT) scanning, film and technical graphics.

Flatbed scanners are recommended for photos, books etc. A few models can also handle film but you'd want the top of the line to compete with dedicated film scanners.. There are two main types of sensors CIS & CCD. There are two lighting methods LED & Cold cathode now LEDs are starting to take over. The Epson V800 and Microtek A3 9800XL are CCD (Charged Coupled Device) & Cold Cathode the Microtek A3 XT6060 and Canon CS9000F-II uses very bright LEDs (which also removes warm up time). It's also twice as fast on A4 and 50% more film DPI than most other film/flatbed scanners.

Our most popular scanner for Photos is the EPSON V800..

Some say 5+ in stock but keep you waiting while they try to get one.

Some don't tell you they are selling Gray Market (No Warranty and massive shipping charge, normally they are a CRAZY $50 less..)

We have REAL AUSSIE WARRANTY stock so why take the risk?

Epson V800 best price Epson V800 best price

Top Flatbed Scanners

Buy Epson V370 Scanner Epson V370 $184.00 Buy Epson Perfection V600 Scanner Epson Perfection V600 $544.51
Buy Microtek 9800XL Scanner Microtek 9800XL $2949.00 Buy Epson Perfection V800 Scanner Epson Perfection V800 $788.00
Buy Epson Perfection V39 Scanner Epson Perfection V39 $122.00 Buy Epson Perfection V550 Scanner Epson Perfection V550 $299.00
Buy Epson Perfection V850 Scanner Epson Perfection V850 $1199.00 Buy Canon CS9000FMKII Scanner Canon CS9000FMKII $317.00

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Feeling Creative?

  • Scanning your old photos to computer lets you to archive photos that might otherwise get lost or deteriorate with age.
  • Digital photos can easily be duplicated and sent - letting you share your old photos with friends and family, via email or Facebook.
  • With newer software you might also be able to add your photos to a webpage or digital scrapbook to hold you memories for generations to come!

Please check the specifications of any scanner or software for these uses prior to purchase if you intend to try these suggestions.

Digital Photo Frames
Put your images on display once you've scanned them.

External Hard Drives
Back up your digital files with an external disk drive.

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