Officeworks Price match (lowest price) policy is Puffery

Officeworks Lowest Price (Price Match) Guarantee

Officeworks have many low prices in their catalogues to get you into the store; known as Loss Leaders they also make "Lowest Price" guarantees seem plausible.

Officeworks state: "Our price checkers ensure Officeworks brings you the lowest prices possible every day, and that's our guarantee" this claim seems to hinge on the word "possible" for them. Officeworks "price checkers" do not "ensure" [make certain] that all prices are the lowest. Seems they mostly handle claims.

Officeworks can ask vendors make slight changes to model offerings so they're not "exactly" the same as what others sell, this along with the "Catch all" clause: "and its terms and conditions are identical" means OW could avoid most price matching. Competition keeps prices down, "Lowest Prices" is just Puffery. The OW bluff is legal whereas we have our doubts about the "Clone Scam".


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*Price comparisons for a particular product are 7 day average of the lowest listed price on and


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most give interesting results.."


The price comparisons are provided in good faith however they are subject to the information herein. E. & O.E.

In-store prices may differ to online prices.

Pricing and/or comparison products may be inaccurate. Visitors are encouraged to conduct their own research to verify our figures.

The naming of competitors should not be taken as a reflection of the competitor's bona fide business.

We believe our price comparisons information to be true and one could argue in the public interest to debunk statements taken as fact. Please contact us with any inaccuracies.


We feel we can't make lower price claims without naming sources of prices we consider to be higher.

Some shops claim in effect "We have the lowest prices available" when they know they don't.

We don't claim to always have the lowest prices against all competitors. Some have genuine great deals and/or "Loss Leaders", some others while cheap, you may end up waiting and excessive time to get your goods, if ever. |Story|

"Lowest Price" guarantees fine print

"Lowest Price" guarantees generally take into account web delivery charges. Having said that, what's the true cost of driving to a store, walking around finding the product, waiting in line then driving back? If it's less than $50 all up we'd be surprised.

About us our parent company has been in business since 1984. We list product information & prices from many distributors as well as our own warehouse.

Your use of this site is governed by our Terms & Conditions wherein we inform you that data, such as prices & specifications, can be incorrect so you should double check our information if it could affect your purchase decision.

We're an Australian business since 1984. We are competitive already and we'll do our best to beat lower prices, we're not claiming to have the lowest prices as that's impossible on everything.

Always check claims, even ours.

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